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Christopher Hatton Primary School. 38 Laystall Street.  London. EC1R 4PQ

Completed:  Phase 1 Playground 2010; Phase 2 Entrance 2011 

Cost: Phase 1 £152,710; Phase 2 £245,828 


Client:  London Borough of Camden

User client:  Christopher Hatton Primary School.

Head Teacher: Gwen Lee

Architects: Meadowcroft Griffin Architects*

Phil Meadowcroft, Ann Griffin, Hugo Braddick, Catriona Casey, Elizabeth King, Simon Mellor, Jane MacCuish, 

Structural Engineers: Price and Myers

Cost Consultant: Davis Langdon LLP

Landscape Design: Jane MacCuish

CDM Coordinator: Davis Langdon LLP

Contract: JCT 80

Contractor: Phase 1 Lakehouse;  Phase 2 Conomar

Key Suppliers and Subcontractors


Photography: © Phil Meadowcroft




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