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Creative Therapies Pavilion



Lauriston Primary School. Rutland Road. London. E9 7JS

Completed: 2007 


Client:  The Learning Trust. London Borough of Hackney

User client:  Lauriston Primary School:

Head: Heather Rockhold; Deputy head: Pete Sanders

Governors: John Slyce, Mark Lumley, Gordon Talbot, Katie Cullinan

Architects: Meadowcroft Griffin Architects*

Ann Griffin, Phil Meadowcroft, Hugo Braddick, Esther Everett,

Jane MacCuish. 

Project Managers: Robert Martell and Partners

Structural Engineers: Price and Myers

M&E Engineers: Atelier Ten

Cost Consultant: Robert Martell and Partners

Landscape Design: Latz und Partner

Contractor: Woodbar Ltd

Key Suppliers and Subcontractors:

Photography: © Timothy Soar; © David Grandorge; Phil Meadowcroft

* See Credits




Coram New Entrance


2003 – 2013 Meadowcroft Griffin Architects (MGA)


PM             Phil Meadowcroft (Director)

AG              Ann Griffin (Director)

HB              Hugo Braddick (Director 2007 - 2013)


CC              Catriona Casey (Associate)

EE               Esther Everett (Associate)

EK               Elizabeth King (Associate)

JM              Jane MacCuish (Associate)


JB               Jennifer Bull

MC             Marta Castillo

GD              Geraldine Dening

HE-T           Hadas Even-Tzur

RF               Rebecca Fode

AH              Adam Holland

JH               Jamie Hughes

NH              Nike Himmels

SH               Sarah Habershon

TJ                Tommy Jay

ZK               Zak Keene

SL               Sam Levine

SM              Simon Mellor

PQ              Patrick Quinn

JS               John Stiles

RS               Rachel Sykes

PT               Patrick Toff

DVK            Dennis Van Kampen





(D)   Denotes Project Director


(P)    Denotes Project Architect


* As part of MGA’s dissolution, Ann Griffin requested that the full description of her role as co-director should be as follows:

Lauriston School: “By Meadowcroft Griffin Architects. By Ann Griffin of Meadowcroft Griffin Architects; Ann Griffin, Project Director and lead designer”.

Stanley School: “By Meadowcroft Griffin Architects; Ann Griffin, Project Director and lead designer; Philip Meadowcroft and Hugo Braddick, Directors and design support”

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